High Quality stainless steel
Fully welded and bolted.No rivets
Push button controls
In house designed, produced and tested
For indoor and outdoor use
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Electro hydraulic or pneumatic drive
Strong motors,couplings and gears
Compacts at min. 9000 Kg’s press force
Shreds at min 1900 Nm Torque
Reduces volumes on average up to 80%
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Compact, bale and strap in one go
Shred, compact or crush in the same container
Wheeled interchangeable containers
Processing direct into waste/big bags
Minimal lifting for crew
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No operation until all doors are closed
Manual operator push button start
Secured locking of waste bins
Fixed framework arrangements
Glass dust prevention devices
Anti spillage big bag offloading system
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dELITEK OVERSIKT PRODUKSJON - Waste Management Systems

Delitek Waste Management Systems

Delitek A/S was founded in 1992 and has since then designed and manufactured complete waste handling systems. It is a family owned business and has its HQ, production facilities in Alsvag, Norway. Due to rapid growth of the company and in close cooperation, Delitek NL was founded. Delitek NL functions as full-service station and distributor. A local hub for existing customers and potential clients seeking Delitek Green waste handling systems and solutions. Delitek NL mainly services customer’s from geographical area’s: The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and France.
Conveniently located in the Port of Rotterdam we keep stock items such as Big-Bags. This is to reduce lead-time to customers and to economize on transport costs for customer with a world wide footprint.
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