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Delitek AS/ Waste Management Systems

Ahead of any stricter regulations such as revised MARPOL 73/78 Annex V regulations of pollution by garbage from ships, Delitek’s vision was to design a complete range of waste handling systems that work for the crew and not the other way around. Delitek systems and solutions are designed by mariners for maritime environment and that is reflected by the following principles:

To a high degree to facilitate crew familiarity across capacity and series, and to ensure parts are readily available for vessel’s in service.

Everybody onboard should be able to work the machines regardless language barrier, physical strength and fitness. Operate via “Red & Green” push buttons: so no fancy HMI and PLC’s or automatic strapping – baling etc. Automation only if it adds value onboard as automatic functions are famous for increased risk of component failure.

No compromise to quality, safety and power. All motors, gears and couplings are high-end of the market and sourced locally to serve for a ship’s life-time.

Possibility to process waste fractions separate and segregated with same equipment via a smart system of wheeled and interchangeable waste containers. The smaller system are on smaller boats so the containers with 55 cm width will fit through all ship’s doors and hatches.

As the amount of generated dry & food waste varies with crew size, vessel size and type a specific capacity range of systems has been developed to accommodate as much as possible a convenient, safe and efficient waste processing, storage and offloading to reception facilities (and/or service- boat).

Delitek A/S has achieved the industry certifications reinforcing, quality, reliability and safety.

DNV - Statement of Confirmity
Achilles 2013