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Big Bags and Parts

Big Bags:
The following OEM waste bags and Big-Bag’s are available for direct delivery from our stock in port of Rotterdam:

Big Bag Type: 383 A (1500 ltr) for C-1500 container: in (1) full pallet load = 100 pcs
Big Bag Type :383 (500 ltr) for C -500 container: in (1) full pallet load = 100 pcs

* All Big Bags have skirt and are inner lined with PE to prevent any liquid penetration

HD PVC Type PS200-140 (200 ltr) for C -200 container: in (1) pallet layer = 100 pcs

* Reinforced transparent Bags for identification of waste fraction

For a smooth and safe logistical operation from onboard to onshore we advise big bag system. Compacted waste is heavy and big bags prevent ripping and tearing and liquid penetration. These big bags are designed to fit containers of Delitek. Offload by ship’s crane via lifting hooks on the big bags.


Spare parts for the Delitek waste handling products are in stock at our factory for immediate supply to our customers. Please refer to spare part numbers in the user manual for your product.

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