Bags & Parts

Big Bags, Waste bags and Spare parts

The following Genuine Big Bags, Plastic waste bags and Spare parts are available for direct delivery from our stock in Port of Rotterdam:

Big Bag for C-500 C-1000 C-1500 waste containers

  • Type 383 Content 500 Ltr. 0.5 m3 for C-500 waste container of DT-500MC. Available on (1) full pallet load = 100 pcs. Partnumber 3020002
  • Type 383D Content 1000 Ltr. 1.0 m3 for C-1000 waste container of DT-1000MC. Available on (1) full pallet load = 100 pcs. Partnumber 3020017
  • Type 383A Content 1500 ltr. 1.5 m3 for C-1500 waste container of Dt-150MC. Available on (1) full pallet load = 100 pcs. Partnumber 3020003
For safe shipboard operations and transfer to shore we highly recommend our big bag system. Compacted waste is heavy and big bags prevent ripping and tearing as well as loss of liquids.

Strong transparent waste bags 200 ltr. 0.2 m3

  • Type PS200-140 Content 200 ltr. 0.2 m3 for C-200 waste container in boxes of 50 pcs. Partnumber 3020010-50
Our strong transparent bags are suitable for identification of waste fraction at waste reception recycling facilities. These waste bags also fit in fixed multi-chamber compactor model UMCC and/or combined bale and compact model UBP 30s.

Spare parts

We also stock spare parts for the Delitek waste handling products. Amongst them wheels (fixed and swivel type) for waste containers, gas dampers & pistons for hatches and hydraulic hoses for our systems.

Otherwise, our factory holds large stock of hydraulic power packs and drives for immediate supply to our customers. Please refer to spare part numbers in your user manual when you contact us.

More information

Please feel free to contact us for more information.