Food Waste Systems

Food Waste Solutions

Food Waste on board can be a substantial load. Delitek has designed a number of food waste solutions that can help you depending on the load that you create and the routes that you travel.

Facts on Food waste:

Approximately 0.7 Kg per person / per day (cruise ships: min. 3 Kg/pp/day)
Varies significantly in composition [potato-mash vs. fish skin vs. bones]
Water content of 60% to 70%
Contains relatively high amounts of fats | grease and is acidic by nature
Decays rapidly under ambient temperature range


Processing solution [technology] is directly related to:

Persons on board: i.e. volume
Required holding time (trading pattern, trading area & voyage duration)
Sourcing, time-schedule and overall installation cost
HQSE : Hygiene, safety, energy-efficiency

Macerator Stand Alone


Macerator is suitable for soft waste, scraps of food that are left over from plates like meat, fish scraps, chicken bones and pasta.
Macerator Stand Alone


Shredders are the solution for tough waste eg big bones.
DT-3030 SR Shredder

Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions offer everything from processing food waste to storing it

Deligrav Feeding Station


A feeding station with integrated holding tank.
DeliGrav Feeding Station

Delivac Feeding Station


A feeding station with vacuum conveying to holding tank.
DeliVac Feeding Station

Delisep Macerator & de-watering


Macerator followed by centrifugal treatment of the food waste slurry.
DeliSep Macerator & de-watering

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