DeliVac Feeding Station

DeliVac: Our Vacuum-conveying FW-system is a reliable and fit-purpose innovation. Vacuum evacuation of food waste slurry has significant benefits:

  • The drain system is less prone to blockage
  • 75% less water-usage & slurry produced
  • 75% extended holding time
  • Hassle-free discharge via separate pump



  • A complete system without any operational restrictions to holding time and volume
  • Multiple feeding stations provide flexibility [optional with top-mounted heavy duty shredder]
  • Reliable vacuum conveying technology and pumps [JETS-vacuumator-pump (sewage)]
  • Buffer holding tank [AISI316] standard sizes from: 2,0 m3 up to 8,0 m3
  • Extended holding time when combined with de-watering connection to DeliSep.
  • AgitStir-functionality: integrated timely agitation of the food waste slurry prevents unwanted settling
  • Functional separation of pumps (discharge|service and vacuum pump)
  • Fail-safe push button control panel

More information

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